Agreement on Promotion of Cooperation and Collaboration with NICT

On June 30, 2023, Fund Corporation for the Overseas Development of Japan’s ICT and Postal Services (“JICT”) (headquartered in Tokyo, President & CEO: Amane Oshima) signed an Agreement on Promotion of Cooperation and Collaboration with National Institute of Information and Communication & Technology (“NICT”) (headquartered in Tokyo, President: Hideyuki Tokuda).

The purpose of this Agreement is to facilitate cutting-edge ICT technologies and diversified ICT services to develop in Japan and abroad, and to contribute to creation of innovation, digital transformation of society, and development of Japan’s ICT-related industries, by establishing a collaborative relationship between NICT and JICT to mutually utilize information and knowledge possessed by each other.

NICT as the Research Institution and JICT as the Public-Private Investment Fund, both under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, aim at jointly achieving the purpose above through working together, orchestrating respective expertise and eliciting synergistic effect.