President & CEOAmane Oshima

To build a better future

Japan ICT Fund (JICT) was established in 2015, with a mission to support Japanese companies’ telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal services in overseas. Since that time, global demand for infrastructure has been steadily expanding, with the development of innovative technologies keeping a remarkable pace.

On the other hand, major changes are afoot in the global socioeconomic environment, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, the worsening of climate change, and spreading geopolitical conflicts. As a result, the fields of telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal services are facing unprecedented challenges.
As Japanese economy inevitably confronts the need to follow the trend of digitalization and tackle issues of sustainability, it is becoming increasingly important for us to recognize trends in other countries quickly and capture the resulting demand ahead of other countries. This imperative is essential for the sustainable development of our economy.
JICT will continue to support the active overseas expansion of Japanese companies through the supply of risk money for infrastructure development and solution service businesses in the ICT field to build a better future.
We sincerely ask for your continuous support and cooperation.
Thank you
President & CEOAmane Oshima